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Hello, my name is Rose Grossman. Since I was a child I have always enjoyed arts and crafts. As an adult, I would continuously search for outlets to express my creativity through drawing, oil painting and home design.


After time, I realized that I needed to have this "me" time for peace and serenity in my life. I always got very inspired by my surroundings and loved the fun, glamour and glimmer of fashion. My designs are filled with unique shapes, styles and flair.

It was no surprise when I was blessed with two little girls that I got inspired to start a children’s line including dance necklaces, personalized name bracelets, anklets, doll jewelry and tooth fairy charm bracelets.

To continue my passion for the arts, I was also the Art Festival Coordinator to the Monmouth Festival of the Arts, the region's largest juried art show.

I believe life is not a destination but a journey and my journey has taken me to this creative outlet to express myself.

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